GCD Prerequisities

For the GCD portion of the lecture series participants are encouraged to bring their own laptops. We will assume you have some basic GIS background.

Participant Background

  • For these exercises to be effective, participants are expected to have some previous GIS experience, familiarity with ArcGIS (don’t need to be an expert), and some understanding of topographic data and digital elevation models.

If its been a while since you've used ArcGIS and you want a refresher, you may find these 'Getting Organized and Oriented' pages helpful, or you may find Task 1 of this Intro to GIS Lab Exercise  helpful (don't bother with the making a website portion; Task 2 and 3). 

Hardware/ Laptop & Software  Requirements

You will need:

  • Your own laptop computer with Windows (Windows 7 recommended; XP Pro or Vista will work) and:
    • Most recent Windows Updates (how to run)
    • DotNet 3.5 or later installed (Automatic if you have Windows 7; how to check if you have DotNet for XP Pro users)
    • Access to a User Account with Administrative Privileges is mandatory. You cannot install ArcGIS, or the GCD Software plugin without it.
    • Wireless network access
    • For ArcGIS to run efficiently in Windows 7, 4 GB or more of RAM is recommended (2 GB RAM minimum for either Windows 7 or XP)
    • A mouse is strongly encouraged over a keypad

GCD Software

The GCD software we will be using for the workshop will be provided to you when you Register in Person at Park City. We will show you how to install it in the Pre Registration Session on Wednesday Evening.  Contact us if you can not make this session. See the System Checks page for detailed instructions on the System Checks we will go through in the Pre Registration Session.