Greg Pasternack

Gregory Pasternack is Chair of the Hydrologic Sciences Graduate Group and Professor of watershed hydrology and geomorphology in the Department of Land, Air, and Water Resources at the University of California at Davis. He holds a B.A. from Wesleyan University (1993), a M.S. from University of California at Berkeley (1994), and a Ph.D. from The Johns Hopkins University (1998). Dr. Pasternack's major research interest is the link between physical and biological processes in natural and human-altered aqueous environments. He has worked in rivers, wetlands, lakes, and estuaries. Dr. Pasternack has published over 60 refereed scientific papers. He is the recipient of awards from the State of Maryland and from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for bridging scientific research and community service. His teaching experience includes undergraduate and graduate courses in science and society, hydrology, and geomorphology.

Joseph Wheaton

Joe Wheaton
is an Assistant Professor at Utah State University and a fluvial geomorphologist with over a decade of experience in river restoration, including working with beaver in restoration. Joe runs the Ecogeomorphology & Topographic Analysis Lab in Utah State University's Department of Watershed Science and is a leader in the monitoring and modeling of riverine habitats and watersheds. He is the co-director of the Intermountain Center for River Rehabilitation & Restoration. He worked four years in consulting engineering before completing his B.S. in Hydrology (2002, UC Davis), an M.S. in Hydrologic Sciences (2003, UC Davis), and a Ph.D. in Geography (2008, University of Southampton, UK). He worked as a lecturer in Physical Geography (University of Wales 2006-08), Research Assistant Professor in Geology (Idaho State University, 2008-09) before becoming an Assistant Professor at Utah State Univeristy (2009-present) where he teaches courses on  geomorphology, fluvial hydraulics, ecohydraulics, GIS, geomorphic change detection, and river restoration.