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Most of the materials you will find here fall into one of four categories: 1) dissemination of my our research; 2) teaching materials; 3) pointers and links to information related to rivers, their management and/or our research; or 4) our own opinions. The material is all posted in the spirit of open and transparent access to information and is provided in the hope that it may be useful to other researchers, students, practitioners and/or decision makers. Every effort has been made to only host materials that are open-source or which we own the copyrights to (see below). If you find any problems (or spelling mistakes or errors), or have any suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

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Published Materials

There are a number of PDFs of our own published materials that, for convenience, may be downloaded by our collaborators from these pages. In some of these publications, we retain the copyright and anyone is free to download them. In others the publisher retains the copyright and therefore only collaborators or those with a valid subscription to the journal may download the PDFs. Otherwise, you will need to obtain the publication directly from the publisher. In all of the posted copyrighted PDFs, the copyright ownership is clearly stated within the PDF.

Downloading Images, Figures and Text

Although we just got through explaining the copyrights for everything on these pages, the information on these pages is posted here so it may be used by others. In fact many of the images on these pages we have "borrowed" from friends, papers or other web sites. You do not need to contact us personally if you wish to download figures or images for your own personal use. However, if you wish to use any of the images, figures or text anywhere in these pages in a presentation, report or publication of any kind, please contact us first for a written permission. The copyrights for some content may have changed since posting or have been transferred to a publisher. In most other instances,  we will provide you with either a proper citation or acknowledgment. Thank you for your courtesy.