Welcome to the resource website for the 2012 Annual Lecture Series. The lecture series is hosted by the US Bureau of Reclamation's Sedimentation & River Hydraulics Group in Denver.

This year's lecture series will be led by Greg Pasternack (University of California at Davis) and Joe Wheaton (Utah State University) and will focus on the topic of 'Near Census Assessment of Fluvial Form, Process, Change and Associated Ecosystem Services.'

NOTE: This site does not reflect the views and opinions of the US Bureau of Reclamation and was produced by the lecturers, Greg Pasternack and Joe Wheaton. See disclaimer.

Intended Audience:

This website is intended as a hub of follow up resources on topics covered in lectures, discussion and exercises. It is intended primarily for the participants of the lecture series from the Sedimentation & River Hydraulics Group, but will be made available as a longer-term public resource of information. 


Group Manager Tim Randle started the Annual Lecture Series in 2006. Past lecturers have included: